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12 May

This is a tutorial on how to convert or burn MKV to DVD Player to watch MP4 movie on a standard DVD player and TV with ease.

Want to watch the MKV videos on your DVD player? Well, we all know  that regular DVD players gives good support to an MPEG-2 DVD structure  file and Divx AVI. So if you have downloaded movies in the MKV video  format, I suggest you convert the MKV format to DVD Player supported  format or burn the files onto a DVD directly for playbacks on a DVD  player.

Method 1. Converting WMV to DVD Player supported formats with three steps

To finish the task, Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is highly recommended to you. With it, you can do batch conversion from MP4,  WMV, MKV, VOB, MOV, FLV, etc. to a fully compatible format by DVD  Player with fast encoding speed and excellent output quality. If you're  using a Mac, simply turn to its equivalent Mac version - Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. You can just take a trial to directly convert MP4 to DVD player supported format for playing MKV videos on your DVD players.

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Guide of Converting MKV files to Play on DVD Player

Step 1. Add MKV files to the program

Launch the MKV to DVD Player Converter and add videos in the following two ways:

1> Click "Add File" button to choose MKV video files from your hard drive for converting.

2> Directly drag the movies you want to convert to the left item  bar. To save your time, you can add multiple files for converting at a  time by clicking "Add multi-file" or "Add Folder" since batch conversion  is well supported.

Step 2. Select the output format

From the drop-down list of "Select" you can select "DIVX" from  "Format > Video" category as the output format. You can also choose  "MPEG-2" as the output format. When you have selected the output format,  you should select a destination folder for the output file by clicking  "...", you can also let it be the default one.

Step 3. Advanced Video, Audio Settings

For experienced user, if you do know how to tweak the profiles, you  can manually adjust the quality and compression options using  "Settings" button. For novices, you can ignore these since the default  settings produces a great result.

Step 4. Start MKV to DVD Player conversion

After every step presented above has been performed, press the  "Start" button and wait until the MKV to Xvid process has been  completed. Now you will be able to access your MKV video in the output  folder. Thus you can enjoy your favorite MKV movies by simply playing  them on your DVD player.

Method 2. Burning MKV to DVD Player with five steps.

Besides converting MKV to another format for playing on DVD player,  you can burn MKV to DVD and then insert the DVD disc to your DVD player  for playback.

Below are the steps:

1. Power on your computer and launch the CD/DVD burning software.  You need to have the MKV video on a disk for the CD/DVD player to read  it.

2. Decide on if you want to burn CD/DVD. This may all depend on the  size of the MKV video file. If the MKV video is larger than 700  megabytes you need to go with a DVD (700 megabytes is as much as a CD  can hold).

3. Select either video CD/DVD on the menu of the burning software.  Click and drag the MKV video into the main viewing screen of the  software, title the disk and click "Burn." The burning process will  begin. Depending on the size of the video file, the burning process may  take a few minutes.

4. Remove the CD/DVD from the computer once it has finished  burning. Power the DVD player on and insert the disk into the drive.  Turn on the TV and switch it to the video setting for the DVD player.

5.Wait for the MKV video to load up on the television screen. Press the "Play" button on the DVD player to begin the playback.

Note: The MKV format is readily acceptable on most  video programs you use on your computer and it is even possible to play  the video on a DVD player. The only requirement is that the MKV be on  either a video CD or DVD. If the MKV is not on either a video CD or DVD,  even if you have successfully burn MP4 to DVD without converting, you  will still encounter issues in playing MKV on DVD player: Regular  standalone DVD players can only read movie DVD's (those are in MPEG-2,  and if you view them in Windows Explorer, you see a folder structure  with VIDEO_TS, and files like .VOB .IFO and .BUP). Newer DVD players  that are DivX-certified can (in addition to the above) read data DVD's  with an AVI file encoded in the DivX codec. Most of the time, you will  fail to play MKV on DVD player unless the DVD players have the "Nero  Digital" label on them.

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